Lorem Ipsum dolor sit amet

You might have seen these words on website theme templates—filler or mock content language traditionally used by the printing and typesetting industry. Ever wonder where it comes from? Or what the heck it means? My curiosity got piqued, so I went googling and found some fun facts:

  • Since the 1500s, printers have used this text as a dummy placeholder. Its shows how text and images would look in print— the font, typography, and layout.
  • Much of the Latin is pure gobbledygook. For instance, Lorem is not an actual word.
  • Researchers believe the intelligible parts date back to Cicero’s  first century B.C. treatise on ethics — De Finibus Bonorum et Malorum (“The Extremes of Good and Evil”).
  • In modern times, Lorem Ipsum is used in electronic media for graphical, web, and software development.
  • If you don’t want the same old Lorem Ipsum everyone has used for 500 years, there are fun, niche text generators. I tried a few:

Cupcake Ipsum is very sweet.

Samuel L. Ipsum is very volatile.

Obama Ipsum is very inspiring.

Trump Ipsum is very extra.

Here are some others that you can try out for fun:

Lit Ipsum

Pirate Ipsum

Bacon Ipsum

Veggie Ipsum

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