When a passion shows itself, invite it in.

By trade, I am an attorney who drafted laws in Washington, DC. Later, I obtained a Master’s in TESOL, and taught in the NYC public schools before heading to Latvia as a Fulbright Exchange Teacher. I now teach academic English in Germany, and have worked with Smarthinking.com to assist college students with essays, research papers, and dissertations. So, I know my way around the language and the written word.

By love, I am a reader. From the very moment I discovered letters make words and words make stories, I have been in love with the written word. Okay, except for poetry. I hate poetry, but let’s keep between us. My favorite genre is romance in all its forms. Another secret? My first was Barbara Cartland, which definitely dates me. Let’s keep that between us also. My point is all that romance reading for all these years has taught me a trick or two.

By fantasy, I am romance author Liza Lorenz. I have written a contemporary interracial romance, not yet published. Also working on another, and have a dozen others flitting about in my head.

By serendipity, I am an emerging editor. Having edited three novels for award-winning novelist Amaka Azie, it’s become increasingly difficult to deny this other talent … and other love. A love for helping indie authors craft their best stories.